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what is civil original language

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Q: What is the original language for civil?
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What two questions did the original constitution not clearly answer that were decided by the civil war?

The Constitution did not clearly answer whether slavery was legal or whether African-Americans could be citizens. These questions were answered in 1865, right after the Civil War, in the 13th and 14th Amendments, respectively.

What original language did tattoo come form?

The word "tattoo" was first introduced to Europeans from a sailor who heard it from polynesian languages such as Marquesan, Tahitian, and Samoan. Tattoos themselves were introduced to Europeans by sailors as well.

What was the European impact positive or negative on Spanish America?

Spanish America is by definition a region totally changed by Europeans. The Spanish and their language are European. The Spanish language and culture was imposed, usually with great brutality, on the inhabitants of what became Spanish America, after the Spanish had destroyed the original languages, religions and cultures, and imposed themselves as masters over the native Indian inhabitants, who were enslaved or made serfs by the Spanish after the Spanish Conquest. This has affected Latin American society for five centuries, down to the present. The creation of Spanish America from the indigenous civilizations (Inca, Aztec, etc) may be the greatest cultural genocide in modern history. Its success can be seen by the way many descendants of Indios regard Spanish as their original native language. It is not. It is the language of the European conqueror and colonizer.

Civil resposibilities are?

Civil resoposibilities are what all citizens must do

Civil rights differ from civil liberties in that?

civil liberties typically focus on freedom and due process outlined in the Bill of Rights where civil rights concern the equal status and treatment of individuals.

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What is original language for civil?

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