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Q: What is the person that sits in the office called at school?
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What is a vote to end a filibuster?

No vote can end a fillibuster. A fillibuster ends only when the person who has the floor sits down, leaves the chamber or cannot continue to speak.

Where the Speaker and Lord Speaker sit?

the speaker sits in the middle

Who sits on a joint committee?

Members of both houses of Congress sit on joint committees.

A city that sits below sea level on soggy ground?

New Orleans, Amsterdam as well I believe.

How effective can some utilize time in the office?

no one sits down at his desk, cubicle, work station and works the full time he / she is there. the rule of thumb is a fifteen minute break every 2 hours and a five minute break per hour, then there are trips to the lavatory, water cooler, get this, get that, office chatter, distraction, gossip, a personal call comes in. essentially, an office runs on teamwork so each employee must do their job in order for others to do their job. a supervisor did not get promoted on good looks, he has an estimation of what needs to be done and assigns those tasks to the employee who can complete the task properly in a reasonable amount of time. we all goof all, the idea is not to be labeled a goof all. walking out of the office with office supplies, a pocketbook full of plastic spoons, cookies, etc. from the lounge, obsessively trying to avoid work instead of doing it the right way the first time is not considered to effectively utilizing office time. some utilize time in the office more effectively than others who work with the constant worry of being downsized, laid off, let go, fired, or improperly placed on 10 day suspension in lieu of dismissal amid false accusations and documentation. that's why they call it the rat race.

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He is called the catcher.

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What is the word for the person who goes to library but sits idle there?

"What is th"What is the word for the person who goes to library but sits idle there?"e word for the person who goes to library but sits idle there?" "What is the word for the person who goes to library but sits idle there?"

What is the name of the office where the president of the US sits in the white house?

oval office

Who sits across from Dwight in the first few seasons of the Office?

In the first few seasons of The Office, Jim sits next to Dwight, but there is no desk directly across from him.

What do you call the person who sits behind the motorbike?

If you have 2 people on a regular motorcycle (no sidecar) the person not operating the bike is called a "pillion passenger".

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It is called ozone layer. It sits in the stratosphere.

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In Australia they're called a couch potato.

What does the computer mouse sits on?

It usually sits on a mouse pad or just on a table

Who is the front office receptionist at Forks High School in 'Twilight'?

Ms. Shelley Cope is the front office receptionist at Forks High School in "Twilight."She sits at one of three desks behind the front counter of the front office. She is described as large and having red hair. Her only item of clothing that gets Bella Swan's attention is the purple t-shirt that the receptionist wears Bella's first day at school.