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Members of both houses of Congress sit on joint committees.

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Q: Who sits on a joint committee?
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What kind of committee includes members from both houses of congress?

You would call it a Joint Committee....

Which committee is composed of members from both Houses?

Joint Committee :D

How do you use joint committee in a sentence?

The joint committee was very happyish

Is a select committee a joint committee?


Is a joint committee a standing committee?


What are three examples of a joint?

i have two examples: Joint Committee on the Library & Joint Committee on Conduct of Foriegn War

What type of committee includes members from both houses to work out differences in purposed bills?

conference committee conference committee

What is a sentence for joint committee?

The senator served on the joint finance committee for one year.

Which is a joint committee a select committee a conference committee a standing committee or a committee of the whole?

A conference committee

When was Joint Information Systems Committee created?

Joint Information Systems Committee was created in 1993.

When was National Joint Action Committee created?

National Joint Action Committee was created in 1969.

When was Joint Nature Conservation Committee created?

Joint Nature Conservation Committee was created in 1990.