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popular sovereignty is the belief that the legitimacy of the state is created by the will or consent of its people, who are the source of every political power and the constitution does support it.

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Q: What is the popular sovereignty and how does the constitution support the idea of popular sovereignty?
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Does Argentina'sconstitution guarantee popular sovereignty?

Yes, Argentina's constitution does guarantee popular sovereignty. Their constitution says that it will abide by the laws within popular sovereignty. This is the idea that people will govern themselves.

How does the need to respect the laws of each state support the principle of popular sovereignty?

Popular sovereignty is the idea that the government is of the people. It means citizens are in power. Limited government stems from this idea that government is there to protect the people and popular sovereignty.

The idea of popular sovereignty is most related to which of the following statements from the preamble of the US Constitution?

"We the People of the United States"

Is the Constitution a revolutionary document and if so what makes it revolutionary?

The Constitution was a revolutionary document because it established the idea of popular sovereignty, which is the idea that the people govern themselves. For example the Constitution begins by saying "We the people..."

What body has control when a society has popular sovereignty?

Popular sovereignty is the idea that government derives its power from the people.

What is the relationship between popular sovereignty democratization and democracy?

The relationship between popular sovereignty, democratization, and democracy is most evident in the ideology behind the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Popular sovereignty is the idea that the authority of the government is created and continued through the Rule by the People. The people give their consent to the government through their elected representatives. This is where democracy comes in.

What party endorsed the idea of popular sovereignty?

The south!

What is popular sovereignity?

Popular sovereignty is the idea that a democratic form of government gets its power (sovereignty) from the people (hence the "popular" part). For a more in-depth explanation, click on the link that says Popular Sovereignty.

Did the federalist or anti federalist have the idea of popular sovereignty?


The idea of popular sovereignty can first be found in the?

Declaration of Independence

What is the idea that the ultimate power resides in the people?

Popular Sovereignty

How did the views of the whigs and democrats differ from those in the Free-soil Party?

the whigs and democrats embraced the idea of popular sovereignty