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God & devil

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Q: What is the power that governs the universe?
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What is the greatest power in the universe?

Many scientists believe that the greatest power in the universe is gravity. It is a fundamental force that governs the motion of planets, stars, galaxies, and even light itself. Gravity plays a critical role in shaping the structure and behavior of our universe.

Who holds the power of the republic?

the one who governs that country...

What did Sir Isaac Newton do in the Astronomy?

Put simply and to the point he discovered gravity which governs the entire universe.

How are governs often sorted?

By how the power of each government is shared

What is the meaning of devine justice?

Divine justice is the concept that a higher power, such as a deity or cosmic force, enforces fairness and equity in the universe by ensuring that individuals are rewarded or punished based on their actions. It is often associated with the idea that there is a moral order that governs the universe and dictates consequences for one's deeds.

What is God called the belief in a mechanistic universe fashioned by a creator?

The belief in a mechanistic universe fashioned by a creator is often referred to as "theism." This belief holds that there is a divine being (God) who designed and created the universe, and that this creator governs and sustains the workings of the universe.

Agreement under which a foreign power governs a country until it is ready for independence?


What does Allah mean to Arabians?

Allha is almighty, a shape less,power which governs word .

What force draws bodies together?

Gravity is the force that draws bodies together. It is a fundamental force of nature that governs the interactions of objects with mass in the universe.

By the power of truth you while living have conquered the universe Who wrote this?

By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe is from FAUST, by gothe

Where did the time and place take in a corner of the universe?

The concept of time and place exists everywhere in the universe, not just in a specific corner. Time is a universal concept that governs the progression of events, while place refers to the physical location within the universe where events occur. These are fundamental components of our understanding of existence and reality.

The wavelength of light used plus the numerical aperature governs?

To find resolution power of optical microscopes.