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The world

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Q: Which country does Emran Madatov rule or governs?
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Term for the policy of indirect rule?

"Indirect rule" refers to a system where a colonial power governs through local intermediaries or traditional leaders rather than directly administering the territory.

What is legisation?

legislation may be defined as rule or law that governs a state

Do leaders follow the rule of law in Germany?


What is a person who governs in the place of a monarch who is too young or is otherwise unable to rule?

RegentA Regent

What is the gaap or fasb rule on original signatures for corporate expenses?

The gaap rule simply governs the operational functions of a corporation. The rule enables a company to simplify its form 10-K.

What does it mean to rule a country?

To rule a country means to be the topmost decision-maker in a country.

What time did Nuns wake up?

That would depend entirely upon their Rule. The Rule of Saint Benedict, which governs most nuns (NOT Sisters) specified that the monks should rise "shortly after midnight."

The people not the government rule the country?

The people rule the country as the government is because of people.

What is the English of the tagalog word 'tagapamanihala?

panihala means to govern or rule, like "pamahala". Tagapamanihala is the person who governs -- a governor, supervisor, administrator.

Which Federal Rule of Civil Procedure governs the filing of class-action lawsuits?

Federal Rule of Civil Procedure § 23 is the general rule for class-action lawsuits, and § 19 (d) is the exception for Class Action lawsuits to required joinder of parties.

What led to the people writing the state constitutions to limit the governors?

The people were led to writing state constitutions to limit the power of the governs because the governs thought that they could rule the their state they way they wanted. Also the people thought they weren't being treated right.

What is the basic rule of etiqquet?

That varies from country to country