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Strengthen the power of a political party

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Q: What is the practice of gerrymandering intended to?
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In 1993 the Supreme Court ruled that the practice of racial gerrymandering violated the?

The Supreme Court prohibited racial gerrymandering in 1993, holding that the practice violated the 14th Amendment's Equal Protection Clause.

The practice of drawing district lines to gain political advantage is called?

Gerrymandering or reapportionment

Explain how gerrymandering affects congressional district boundaries?

Gerrymandering tries to create districts that have a partisan advantage. By doing this, the practice of it affects congressional district boundaries by attempting to stretch them.

Did gerrymandering allow people to vote in any state?

No- gerrymandering is the practice of drawing up the boundaries of legislative districts in odd ways in order to favor the election of certain candidates.

What is the practice of drawing district line that favor a particular group of people called?

It is called gerrymandering.

What is the practice of establishing district lines that favor one political party over the other?


Why do the people consider the practice gerrymandering unfair?

The only people who consider the practice unfair is the political party that is adversely affected by gerrymandering. If the governor and the state legislature is in the control of either the Republican or Democrat party, then the minority is going to suffer politically since the party in power has the legal right to redraw the congressional districts to their advantage.

What word describes the practice of the political party with the majority in a state legislator drawing a districts boundaries to gain an advantage in an election?


Why is gerrymandering done and who does it benefit?

Gerrymandering is done so that representatives can be guaranteed to be reelected. It benefits the representative of the district they are gerrymandering.

What is the definition of jury mandering?

I think you mean Gerrymandering and the definition is here

Gerrymandering is unfair because?

Gerrymandering is not fair, unless you consider fair to mean 'fair game' in the sense that it is not illegal everywhere.

Redistricting power was abused creating congressional districts of unequal power and by what?

gerrymandering. Gerrymandering is the practice of drawing districts in a way that benefits a particular political party or group. This can involve packing voters of one party into a single district to reduce their influence in other districts, or cracking voters of one party across multiple districts to dilute their voting power. Gerrymandering undermines the principle of equal representation and can lead to distorted election outcomes.