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'took the oath of office.'

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Q: What is the predicate in the sentence 'Your newly elected mayor took the oath of office'?
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How did the mayor of the District of Columbia become the mayor?

He was elected into office.

Use mayor in a sentence?

The race for the office of Mayor is on!

What is the highest city political office someone can be elected to?


What office and what state was Jefferson elected in June 1779?

he was a mayor in hawaii

What year Richard J Daley get elected mayor?

Richard J. Daley was first elected mayor of Chicago in 1955. He remained in office 'til his death in 1976. His son, Richard M. Daley, was first elected mayor in 1989 and remains in office today. He is on track to serve Chicago as mayor for more years than his father did.

What is the simple predicate for the mayor made the announcement?

The simple predicate is 'made'.

How long did William Hawrelak stay mayor in Edmonton?

William Hawrelak was first elected as mayor in 1951. He was mayor for three different times. He died in office in 1975.

Who was the governor of Chicago in 1979?

There was no governor of Chicago, ever. The highest elected office in Chicago is Mayor.

Who is the governor of Chicago for 2009?

There is NO governor of Chicago. The highest elected office is Mayor. The 2009 mayor of Chicago is Richard M. Daley, son of former mayor Richard J. Daley.

Who is the Mayor of Crestview Florida?

The current Mayor of Crestview, Florida in the United States of America is David Cadle. David Cadle was elected a mayor of Crestview in April 2007, and is based at the Mayor's office in City Hall.

What year did mayor rt rybak of mpls become elected?

2001 took office in Jan. 2002

Who is head of nashville tn's local government?

The mayor of Nashville, Tennessee, is Karl Dean. He was first elected to the office in 2007 and was re-elected in 2011.