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A feature article aims to persuade, explain and inform your target audience.

The purpose of a feature article is to explore or discuss a particular topic of interest. It differs from a newspaper article because it demonstrated the opinion of the writer. They use many techniques such as using quotes, facts, anecdotes and transitory paragraphs. For example: The reader wanted that person's dick, but the other person doesn't. Or suck it.

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Q: What is the purpose of a feature article?
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What is a type of article?

A type of article could be a news article, opinion piece, research article, or feature article. Each type serves a different purpose and conveys information in a specific way.

What is the difference between a column and a feature article?

difference between feature article and column

What are some catchy titles for a feature article?

It depends what the article is about

What point of view is a feature article?

First person, as is a news article.

Example of how-to feature article?


How do you use feature article in a sentence?

Your question is a sentence and contains the phrase "feature article." (The above is another example of using the phrase in a sentence.)

What is featurewrite a feature article on the topic of your choice?

The feature article is human interest article that is not related to the current news event. The feature article focuses on specific people, places, and events. The feature article depends on great detail about concepts and ideas on specific market attention. While the feature write in journalism isn't just about news stories that get exact to the point. Feature writing allows the creative types among us to tell stories in a more creative and persuasive way.

Which article explains the purpose of the constitution?

There are a few article that tells the purpose of the constitution. The most read article would be the 12th Amendment.

What should I write for my feature article?

Something which interests you

What does the main purpose of an article mean?

The purpose of an article is to INFORM, EXPLAIN, TEACH, and to make the reader learn new things.

What is most likely the authors purpose in this article?

The author's purpose in the article is to inform, persuade, entertain, or express their opinion. It may vary depending on the content and tone of the article.

How do you write a 9 grade feature article?

the same way u write any feaure article.