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A tax return is the form where you declare you annual income to the government.

The tax office, in the UK HM Revenue & Customs, then use the form to work out how much tax you must pay.

In most countries failing to respond to a tax return is a criminal offence.

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A tax return is a document that summarizes the financial activity of a taxpayer for a specific tax year. If you are struggling with taxes, tax consulting is a great service to have. Proactive Consultancy Group in the UK is a great service for anyone who has a lot of questions about taxes and doesn't know where to turn. To get VAT specialist advice Call +44 207 193 7072

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Q: What is the purpose of tax return?
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What is the purpose of an online tax return?

An online tax return serves the same purpose as a paper tax return. Yearly income must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service by the use of a tax form. This form may be filed on paper via mail or it may be filed online.

What is United Health Care's Federal ID Number for the purpose of completing the Massachusetts Tax Return?

The United Health Care's Federal ID Number for the purpose for completing Massachusetts Tax Return is not public information.

What is the purpose of a 1040 tax preparation?

The purpose of a 1040 tax preparation is to ensure that the government gets the proper amount. It could make you qualify for a tax return which means you would get an income tax refund check.

Can you track your tax return to see where it is?

Use the below enclosed link for this purpose.

You made 7500.00 in income and you are 16 do you have to file an income tax return?

Yes you would be required to file the 1040 federal income tax return correctly and completely and send it to the correct IRS address. As a qualified dependent on another taxpayers income tax return you will not be allowed to claim your own exemption for yourself on your 1040 federal income tax return. Be SURE and check the box that will indicate this and DO NOT CLAIM THE 3650 exemption amount on exemption line of the 1040 tax return that you will be using for this purpose.

Can I file last year's tax this year?

Yes just use the last years tax forms for this purpose. In the year 2010 you would use the 2009 tax forms to file for the 2009 tax year income tax return.

What are tax return loans?

Tax return loans are when an individual borrows an amount of money against their tax return.

What is file an amended tax return?

If you have filed a tax return but you then realize that your return is inaccurate in some way and you wish to correct the inaccuracy, you can file a revised tax return which would be called an amended tax return.

What is the purpose of a finance in business?

The purpose of finance in business is to avoid bankruptcy, protect your assets, receive income, to plan ahead and submit/receive an accurate tax return.

When filing for the federal income tax return do you have to attach schedule a for the state income tax return?

No, when filing for the federal income tax return, you do not attach the Schedule A for the state income tax return.

What is the purpose of income tax deduction?

A deduction on your income tax return would reduce your taxable income on your 1040 income tax return and reduce your federal income tax liability. An income tax deduction amount from your gross pay would be a prepayment of any future federal income liability you may have after your income tax return is completely at the end of the tax year and if enough is deducted from your gross pay you could end up receiving a refund of some of the withheld income tax amount.

What salary amount is enter on your tax return?

That question is not on your tax return.