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was caused by the English civil was. sometimes referred to as "the glorious revoulution of 1688." forced king James II into exile.

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The Revolution of 1828 was not an actual conflict but an election. Andrew Jackson won this election which was surprising as he was considered a common man.

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Q: What is the revolution of 1828?
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What did the Revolution of 1828 reveal about political power?

It was shifting to the western states

Why was the presidential election of 1828 a turning point in American politics?

Andrew Jackson was elected President in 1828. He was the first President who was not from an old, well-to-do family who lived within 100 miles of the East coast and which helped fight the revolution and draw up the Constitution.

When did Father Lasuen die?

in 1828

Was there horse racing in France during the revolution?

No. The French Revolution happened in 1789-1799. Horse racing (trotting) began in 1807 at Saint Brieuc. In 1820, it made its start at Strasbourg and Aurillac. In 1828, Nancy saw its first horse race.

When did the spoils system begin?

the spoils system began in 1828

What day was the 20 of March 1828?

The 20th of March in 1828 was on a Thursday.

Where did Amelia Earhart live in 1828?

Amelia was not alive in 1828. She was born in 1897 in Kansas.

What is the value of an 1828 British Halfpenny?

There were no British Halfpennies minted from 1828 to 1830 inclusive.

Were they still building the titanic in 1828?

Titanic was built between 1909-1912. Not 1828.

Who published an important book in 1828?

noah webster published the dictionary in 1828 which was importnat

Who invented the light baulb?

Sir Joseph Wilson Swan (1828 - 1914).Sir Joseph Wilson Swan (1828 - 1914).Sir Joseph Wilson Swan (1828 - 1914).Sir Joseph Wilson Swan (1828 - 1914).

Who minted the 1828 silver dollar?

Nobody in the U.S. There were no one dollar coins issued in 1828.