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A government by popular consent or indirect democracy is a representative democracy in which a small group of people are chosen by election to represent a larger group that elects them.

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Q: What is the same government by popular consent or indirect democracy?
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The source of powers of government in a democracy comes from who?

In a democracy, the source of power of the government comes from the consent of the governed, meaning the authority of the government is derived from the people through processes like elections and representation. This principle is known as popular sovereignty.

What is the relationship between popular sovereignty democratization and democracy?

The relationship between popular sovereignty, democratization, and democracy is most evident in the ideology behind the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Popular sovereignty is the idea that the authority of the government is created and continued through the Rule by the People. The people give their consent to the government through their elected representatives. This is where democracy comes in.

Read this passage:A small country makes all of its laws through popular vote. The country being described has a government that most resembles which type of democracy?

An indirect parliamentary democracy. (8.1.3 Exam)

What principal of government established a government in which the people rule?

Democracy, popular sovereignty.

What is another way of saying consent of the government?

popular sovereignty

What is the definition of popular consent?

referendum Where the People give permission to be ruled in order for them to be protected

Why democracy is popular?

One reason is that democracy equals freedom that no other form of government offers.

What sovereignty means the government is based on the consent of the governed?

Popular sovereignty

In government by popular consent which holds state power?

elected representatives

What is it called when the people have the power to make decisions about government?

popular sovereignty

What are the two types of democracy?

Direct and indirect democracy. There is Direct democracy, which is also called a pure democracy, that exists where the will of the people is translated into public policy (law) directly by the people themselves, in mass meetings. There is also Inderect democracy where a representative is chosen to represent a larger group of people. These select few represent the popular will of the people. ( This is the type of Democracy the US uses)

What are some similarities and differences of direct democracy and representative democracy?

1. Direct Democracy : Full citizen participation in government power / Assemble of all citizens holds sovereignty2. Both direct and Rep. Dem.: Majority Rule, Popular Sovereignty, citizens vote3. Rep. Dem. only: Sovereignty exercised by representatives, indirect representation though appt. by representatives