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A felony, treason, or a high crime.

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Q: What is the standard for impeachment?
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What is the maximum penalty that may be given for impeachment?

The maximum sentence for a conviction arising out of impeachment is removal from office. The official would be separately charged in a standard court for any crimes committed while in office.

What legal term for formally charging the president with a crime?


House accusation of federal officials?


Is impeachment a verb?

"Impeach" is a verb. "Impeachment" is a noun.

Can select committee conduct impeachment?

No. While a select committee can recommend that articles of impeachment be brought, it cannot bring charges (articles of impeachment) or conduct the impeachment trial. Articles of Impeachment are brought by the full House of Representatives, and the impeachment trial is conducted by the Senate with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presiding.

When was Impeachment of Man created?

Impeachment of Man was created in 1959.

Does the house have something to do with impeachment?

Yes the house has something to do with the impeachment

What is said of senate in regard to impeachment?

they serve impeachment trials

Does the house of representatives have anything to do with impeachment of a president?

The answer is YES. The HOUSE has the sole power of impeachment. And the SENATE decides the case in impeachment.

What role does the senate have in the impeachment?

The role that the senate has in the impeachment process is sole power to try-to judge, sit as a court-in impeachment cases.

Who is the impeachment process handled by?

a legislature body handles the impeachment process

The act of charging a public official with misconduct is called what?