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Social power

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Q: What is the term for the strength of rights and privileges in society?
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What term describes a statement of an individual citizen's legal privileges?

The Bill of Rights.

What is the term that applied to the idea of having special and exclusive trade privileges in another nation?

Rights.....i.e. Mineral Rights, Lumber Rights

What is the definition for the term constitutional rights?

A strict definition of constitutional rights are those rights of an individual within a society that are protected by the society as a whole on behalf of all of its citizens.

What was the term used to describe the society and institutions of France before 1789?

The term used to describe the society and institutions of France before 1789 is the Ancien RΓ©gime. This refers to the social and political system that existed under the Bourbon monarchy, characterized by absolute monarchy, a rigid social hierarchy, and privileges for the nobility and clergy.

Does a liquid have strength?

Strength is a term applied to solids.

What do you mean by term healthy society?

What do you mean by term Healthy society

What term does the Declaration of Independence use to describe natural rights guaranteed to people naturally instead of by the law?

It refers to them as "inalienable rights" which are those human rights due everyone, regardless of their society or system of government. Inalienable means "cannot be given up to others."

How do you use the term federal system in a sentence?

Prisoners in the federal system often have more privileges.

What is the term that means written rights?

Great Rights

What is another name for the strength of a earthquake?

Magnitude is another term for the strength of an earthquake.

Who was Benedict Lust?

In 1901 he organized the Naturopathic Society of America, and he founded the American School of Naturopathy. He purchased the rights to the term naturopathy from John H. Scheel in 1902

What happens if you skipped classes many times?

In the short term you will be punished with loss of privileges, drop in grade up to suspension. In the long term you will not graduate.