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Q: What term describes a statement of an individual citizen's legal privileges?
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Which statement BEST describes the philosophy of Sir Robert Filmer?

A statement that best describes the philosophy of Sir Robert Filmer is government's principle duty is to protect the individual rights of citizens. It would not be government's principle duty is to enforce the rule of law.

What statement best describes the meaning of we the people?

"We the people" means...WE, the citizens of the great United States...

What statement best describes daily life in the Soviet Union for common citizens?

Citizens had little access to consumer goods and worked for the benefit of the government. - apex

You and I are entitled to this with respect to citizens in several states?

priviledges and immunities of citizens

Which statement supports the conclusion that the majority of french people wanted a new form of government?

Poorer citizens foght for their rights and to keep the wealthy fromreciving special privileges.

How do American citizens get their privileges?

through the constitution

Which does the Privileges and immunities clause require of all states?

the citizens of each state shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities of citizens in the several states.

Reading a newspaper daily or watching a tv news program is a responsibility of each citizens to be?

informed, thus enabling the individual to exercise voting privileges intelligently

which statement accurately describes how historical society influenced the development of democracy?

Citizens in ancient Rome established a republican form of government.

What statement of individual rights and obligations specifies how citizens and government relate to each other?

The correct answer is LAW.

Citizens while in other states are entitled to what?

Privileges and immunities

Which statement accurately describes the relationship between the Northwest Ordinance and the Articles of Confederation?

The northwest ordinance added to the guidlines for american expansion that were introduced in the articles of confederation