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Q: What is the title of the person who leads the minority party in the house and also in the senate?
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Who leads the senate party that is not in power?

Republican Mitch McConnell of Kentucky is the current Minority Leader of the United States Senate .

Who is the leader of the senate according to the constitution?

The President of the Senate is actually the Vice President of the United States. The President Pro Tempore of Senate is the presiding officer (in the absence of the VP), which puts him or her third in the line of succession (behind the speaker of the house). The real power in the Senate, however, lies with the Senate Majority Leader and the Senate Minority Leader. The leaders for the US Senate are the minority and majority leaders. Out of these the majority leader is considered greater. A complex answer is required for this basic question. The President of the Senate is the Vice President of the US, who rarely presides and very rarely is even present except in a ceremonial role or when a tie vote is anticipated. The majority party really runs the Senate and it select a President pro tempore and a Majority Leader. Again, the President pro tempore rarely leads the Senate and is more of an elder statesman. The Majority Leader runs the working of the Senate and most of his or her work is done behind the scenes. The Majority Leader also rarely takes the seat at the front of the Senate floor, gavel in hand and managing the debate. That task is assigned to a Presiding Officer, usually a new or very junior Senator in an effort to let them learn the routine. This Senator makes very few decisions and the Parliamentarian is on hand to advise him or her. So the Senate Leader can be any of the above, but the real power is in the hands of the Majority Leader.

President George W Bush's 1.2 trillion tax cut over a ten year period was passed by which of these?

The house of representatives is responsible for all spending measures. However, the house does not work in a vacuum. So bills go to a joint committee of the house and Senate. The executive branch only has popularity to influence congress as well as veto power. The higher the executive branches approval rating the better chance of getting congress to bend. The Answer can be determined by finding who was the speaker of the house(leads the dominating party to set the house agenda), the majority leader of the senate (leads the dominating party to set the senate agenda, and the joint committee chairmen of the bill that contained the tax cut. Those are the players that passed the tax cuts. It is not one person but a group of people. All these people could have stopped the tax cut but the threat of veto meant that pork barrel and special interest projects would be funded as well. Each party rails against the other but in the end they all compromise to fund special interest projects called earmarks. Each party blames the other yet they are all in collusion.

What part of government is led by the speaker of the house?

The speaker of the House leads the lower house of Congress which is half of the legislature of the US.

Which statement best describes the role of the speaker of the house of representatives?

The speaker leads to the House and sets rules related to its operations

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Who leads the senate party that is not in power?

Republican Mitch McConnell of Kentucky is the current Minority Leader of the United States Senate .

What position in government leads the senate when they are avalilable?

The position in government that leads the Senate when they are available is the President of the Senate, who is also the Vice President of the United States.

Who leadsc the house of representatives and who leads the senate?

Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House and Harry Reid Senate Majority Leader

Who is the officer of the legislative branch?

The Legislative branch of the U.S. government does not have one lone officer at the top of the pile, the way that the executive branch has. The Vice President of the U.S. is also the President of the Senate, but he gets no vote unless the Senate is deadlocked in a tie, and other than that, he has no power over that body at all. "Below" the V.P. in the Senate are the majority and the minority leaders, who do have SOME real power in the Senate. The Speaker of the House is the top spot in the lower house, the U.S. House of Representatives. Below that person are the majority and minority leaders. In an interesting aside, the Speaker of the House is next in-line for the presidency in the unprecedented event that both the President and the V.P. die. All officers are elected by their respective legislative bodies and by the political parties within those bodies, and are not subject to confirmation or veto by any other government body. The short answer is that the Speaker leads the House and the Senate Majority Leader leads the Senate, but the reality is that what they are really trying to do is "herd cats", so there's not much actual leadership.

Who leads the legislature in the us?

The Senate and the House of Representatives lead the legislature.

Who has all the leadership postions in congress?

No one has all the leadership position in Congress. The party that has a majority of members in Congress have "Majority" positions and the party with the minority members has "Minority" positions. Here is the leadership structure of the Senate for the majority party: President Pro Tempore--elected by the majority party; Majority Leader-leads the party; Majority Whip--assists the leader; Chairman of the Conference--presides over all meets of the majority party; Policy Committee--schedules legislation; Steering Committee--assigns senators to committees. Minority Party: Minority Leader; Minority Whip; Chairman of the Conference--presides over meetings; Policy Committee--makes recommendations on party policy; Committee on Committees--appoints minority Senators to committees. The House of Representatives: Speaker of the House--elected by majority party; the other leadership roles are similar to those in the Senate--Majority Leader, Minority Leader, Majority Whip, etc.

Who leads each body of congress?

Nancy Pelosi is the current speaker of the house.Harry Reid is the Majority Leader in the Senate.

What roles does the Senate Majority Leader play?

This person leads the senators that are in the majority to get laws written and passed.

Prime minister is the leader of the political party with a majority of seats in the Senate?

No, in both Ireland and Canada, the Prime Minister leads the largest party in the lower house (Dail in Ireland and House of Commons in Canada). In Australia the prime minister is the leader of the political group with a mayority in the lower house / house of representatives. The leader of the senate is caled the president of the senate. the president of the senate doesnot necesarily have to be of the same party as that of the prime minister.

Who is in charge of the legislature branch?

The Speaker of The House of Representatives, elected from among the Representatives themselves, leads the House side of Congress. The Speaker of The Senate, also chosen by his colleagues, leads the Senate side.

Who leads the meetings of the senate?

Grover Cleveland

Why is there a communist in the White House?

I know of no one there with known Communist ties, can you specify person and what leads you to that conclusion.