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a toothless watchdog is called Mohammod

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Q: What is the toothless watchdog?
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What are the release dates for ESPN Outside the Lines - 1990 NCAA Toothless Watchdog?

ESPN Outside the Lines - 1990 NCAA Toothless Watchdog was released on: USA: 25 November 2001

What animals are mammals that are toothless?

Toothless mammals are called 'edentate'.

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Toothless George was born in 1975.

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He was about 57 when he was completely toothless. WOW!

When was Video Watchdog created?

Video Watchdog was created in 1990.

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The word toothless is an adjective. It describes someone who has no teeth.

What is the duration of A Watchdog's Tale?

The duration of A Watchdog's Tale is 2700.0 seconds.

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A watchdog !

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You'd be surprised at how many animals are toothless! But do not go over to a toothless animal and open it's mouth because most toothless animals have very strong jaws! Here are some toothless animals. 1. A penguin 2. An owl 3. A chicken 4. A mole