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The continent of Asia has five physical divisions:-

1. The Northern Lowlands, made up of the Siberian Plain and the Turan Plain

2. The Central Mountain Belt..a complex system of fold mountains and plateaus.The mountains radiate from the Pamir Knot and have intermontane plateaus and basins in between them.Some of the notable ranges are The Himalayas, the Kunluns, the Hindukush, the Zagros , the Pontic ranges etc.The plateaus of Tibet, Iran and Mongolia are some of the intermontane plateaus.

3. The Southern Plateaus, made of old , hard, crystalline rocks....namely the plateaus of Arabia, the Deccan ,and, the Shan and Yunnan plateaus.

4.The Great River Valleys...made of vast stretches of fertile alluvium...they include the valleys of Tigris-Euphrates, the Indus, The Ganga -Brahmaputra and the Chinese rivers,,,the Huang Ho, the Yangtze and the Sikiang.

5.The Island Festoons of the East..including the Kurile islands, the Japanese Archipelago, Taiwan, the Philippines and Indonesian islands.

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Q: What is the topography of Asia?
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