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The validity of Stamp Paper after Execution is forever.

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Q: What is the validity period of a nonjudicial stamp paper after execution?
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Validity period of Non-Judicial Stamp Paper after purchase if not use?

validity is not 6 months from the date of purchase as mentioned in earlier answer. There is no validity period fixed under law for using the stamp paper from the date of purchase. For claiming refund of the stamp papers there is a time limit. Therefore, the stamp paper can be used even after expiry of six months.

What is the validity of stamp paper in Andhra pradesh?

There is no validity on stamp papers in Andhra Pradesh.

What is the validity of stamp paper from issuing date?

If the Stamp Paper has been Executed then the validity of Stamp Paper is Forever.For more info about stamp papers, do check our blogs by visiting to our website at- edrafter.inThanks.

How much time valid a stamp paper?

If the Stamp paper is executed then the validity will be forever.If the Stamp Paper has not been executed then the validity will be of 90 days from the purchase of Stamp Paper.To know more about Stamp Papers, do check our website- edrafter.inThanks.

Is it compulsory to register a nonjudicial stamp paper?

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