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he United States Bullion Depository, commonly called Fort Knox, is a fortified vault building located near Fort Knox, Kentucky which is used to store a large portion of United States official gold reserves, as well as from time to time, other precious items belonging to, or entrusted to, the United States of America.

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As of today (10/11/2007), the currently approximate value of the gold ($749 per ounce) is $110,327,700,000... That's ~110.3 billion for those who may be numerically challenged.

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According to the US deparatment of treasury, about 147 million ounces, 368,000 gold bars.

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Gold is the one stored at Fort Knox.

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Q: What is the value of the gold held in Fort Knox?
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What is the Current value of all gold at For Knox?

The value of the gold held in Fort Knox changes every day because the price of gold changes every day. Current estimates of holdings are 147.4 MILLION ounces Troy in gold. The current spot price of gold is $1,126.40 per ounce, multiply that by the Knox's holdings for your answer. NOTE: The Federal Reserve Bank of New York actually holds more gold then Fort Knox does.

How many pounds of gold were held at fort knox in 2004?

According to the history channel,22lbs. Instead of 27lbs.

Where is most of the US gold held?

Fort Knox, Tennessee is the location of the largest repository. There is another very large one a West Point, New York.

Is there any gold in fort knox and if there is does anyone know how much and who it belongs to?

Short answer: The treasury estimates 147.6 million ounces of gold are held at Fort Knox. The US government owns it. Both of those answers are controversial. Long answer:In 1933, the US government, on order of President Roosevelt, undertook to confiscate most of the gold owned by US citizens and exchange it for paper dollars within two weeks. Safety deposit boxes and vaults were sealed. Subsequently, US citizens were not allowed to own most forms of gold. The paper dollars were soon worth far less than the gold they were traded for. If that action is considered legal, the US government now owns the gold in Fort Knox. The vault was used to hold the treasure beginning in 1937. Before World War II, there were 649.6 million ounces of gold in Fort Knox. The treasury now estimates that only 147.6 million ounces remain. However, the gold has not been inventoried since the 1950's. Some believe there is far less gold in Fort Knox. In 1971, the US abandoned the last remnants of the gold standard. US dollars are now fiat currency, not backed by gold or any other commodity.

What is was rumored to be held at Fort Knox?

One of the rumours claims that there's a massive stockpile of chemical and biological weapons held there, among other things.

Where is the U S stock of gold and silver bullion stored?

According to the U.S. Mint, gold bullion and other precious items owned by the United States are held at the U.S. Bullion Depository at Fort Knox, Kentucky and at the West Point Mint facility near the West Point Military Academy in New York State.

Value of US stock of gold and silver bullion?

As at March 2009 the US held 8,133.5 tonnes of gold.

Who held the secretary of war for Washington?

Henry knox

What was the last political office Henry Knox held?

Secretary of War

In 1778 which country held the territory where Fort Kaskaskia was located?

In 1778, Fort Kaskaskia was located in the territory held by France.

Is owning gold good in a depression?

Owning gold during a depression will give you an upper hand because gold has always held a high value and worth. Whereas money such as the dollar, if a depression were to occur then its value and worth would deflate and it wouldn't help as much as gold would.

When was the last US fort knox gold audit?

1974- From Numismatic News:Recognizing Rep. Philip M Crane, R-Ill., I asked him why he had suggested a tour of Knox."I suggested it because of rampant rumors that significant portions of our gold reserves were gone," he replied."I suggested it to William Simon [Secretary of the Treasury] because, if coupled with an audit, would serve to help gain confidence in the monetary system."I'll be satisfied with the audit," he said, noting that there was a previous one in 1953, just after President Eisenhower took office.Crane noted he had held one of the 400-ounce brick (approximately 27 pounds) and noted its worth of $65,000 on the free market.