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The correct term for a current officeholder who is running for re-election is "incumbent."

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Q: What is the word that describes a current officeholder who is running again for the same office?
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What are the compound words that has the word office in it?

A compound word for office is officeholder.

What is the word that means a current office holder who is running for office again?


An incumbent is?

The incumbent is the current holder of a political office. This term is usually used in reference to elections, in which races can often be defined as being between an incumbent and non-incumbent

What is a 12 letter word for a person who holds public office?

The word Officeholder is a twelve letter word for someone who holds a public office. Good one.

What is term limit?

A term limit is a legal restriction that limits the number of terms an officeholder may serve in a particular elected office.

What is the opposite of incumbent?

The incumbent is the current office holder, the "challanger' is the person running against the incumbent

Trying a government official for misconduct in office?

An accusation of misconduct towards a public office holder can have devastating results. Often, just an accusation can be the cause of an officeholder having to resign.

Does a US senator candidate have to give up his current job?

You do not have to give up your current job in order to run for office. However, running for office can be very time consuming, so it might not be possible to do it while also working at another job.

Who is the person running for OFFICE?

The candidate is the name for the person running for office. Many times the people know little or nothing about the candidate who is running for office.

Who oversees a texas county district attorney?

District Attorneys are the highest officeholder in the jurisdiction's justice department - they oversee all of the Assistant District Attorneys (ADAs). The next highest office is the state's Attorney General, who oversees all of the prosecutions throughout the state. The current Attorney General of Texas is Greg Abbott.

How can you learn about people who are running for office?

You can use media to help find who is running for office.

What is a politician who is running for public office?

A politician who is running for public office is a candidate.