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Democratic and Republican

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Q: What are the two political running for office?
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What office were political candidates Coffin and Hay running for?

Political party

Was Michelle Obama in political office?

No, she was a lawyer and a businesswoman, but never showed any interest in running for political office.

Someone who is running for political office is known as this?

a candidate

What is the man or woman running for a political office called?

A candidate.

What would Thomas Jefferson think about a clergyman running for political office?

Although Thomas Jefferson advocated "Separation of Church and State", he would not have anything to say against a clergymen running for political office. Being a member of the clergy is not a disqualifying factor for running for office.

Which is a requirement for a candidate running for election to a political office in the US?


A person running for reelection?

a person who is running for office is a candidate

Are you considered a candidate when you are running for a legal position such as being a mayor or a president?

Yes, a candidate is someone running for political office

Who was defeated 7 times while running for public office?

Abraham Lincoln was defeated seven times in political office.

What hardships did Abraham Lincoln face in running for political office?

Dancing pink cows

What is a sentence using the word politician?

If I'm running for political office, am I a politician or a musician?

Which item best completes the list?

Checklist: Running for public office 7.3.3 having a passion for the issues choosing the appropriate office know the requirements for the political office you want have sufficient time and money