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a citizen voters in a local election

a citizen researches the candidates running for office

a citizen emails for congressional representative about an important issue

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Which of the following is an example of citizen participation at the county level?

participating in jury duty (study island)

What are some example of political situation?


Which of the following is an example of situation?

A political party.

The right of each citizen to vote is an example of?

political equality

If you convince your principal to cancel and simply because of political concerns with this situation be an example of?

this is an example of rhetoric

What are some of the world events that affect the political and economical situation of the United Kingdom?

The Great Recession is an example of the world events that affects the political and economical situation in the United Kingdom.

What is the definition of vigilant?

The adjective vigilant means watchful, or alert and attentive to danger or trouble.An example sentence might be this one:The sentry remained vigilant throughout the night.

What is an example of a dangerous passing situation?

What is an example of a dangerous passing situation?

What is a political threat and examples of a political threat to a country?

A political threat refers to the disadvantages that a business can have in a country. For example: Less protection for patents and copyrights discourages technology transfer to India. That is related with the PEST analysis, which analysis the situation of a country... and how it can affect a company.

How did Romans punish political rebels and lower-class criminals?

Rome's punishment of political rebels and lower class criminals depended upon their status. Citizenship was a key factor in punishments. If a lower class criminal were a citizen he would be fined and possibly be made to do enforced labor to pay off his debt. If a non citizen, he could also be fined, flogged or even sentenced to death in the arena if his crime were one that called for capital punishment. Political rebels were a different matter. If it were a Roman citizen who was involved and he were found guilty, he could be exiled and have his property confiscated. If it were a non citizen who was the political rebel, then the punishment was extremely severe. It was usually crucifixion as the Romans liked to make an example of those who caused trouble for them in the provinces.

What are some examples of citizen involvement in the US political process?

writing a letter to your congressperson to express an opinion on a proposed law is an example of civic participation in federal government.

What are non citizens?

Alien is a non-example of citizen