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political office seeker

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Q: What is a political office seeker?
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A person running for reelection?

a person who is running for office is a candidate

What were the reasons or details about the assassination of James Garfield?

It was an unhappy office seeker.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Sleep Seeker - 2001?

The cast of The Sleep Seeker - 2001 includes: David Brian Alley as Office Manager

What president was assassinated by disgruntled office-seeker Charles Guiteau?

James A. Garfield

Can an asylum seeker get married to British citizen?

Yes they can but you must apply for a COA from the home office (£395) and prove that it is a genuine relationship. Also it does not automatically give the asylum seeker the right to remain

Is legislature the highest state political office?

Legislature is The Highest State Political Office

Where was Barack Obama's political office?

Barack Obamas political office was in the white house

Which president was assassinated by disgruntled office-seeker charles gulteau?

James Garfield was assassinated by Charles Gulteau.

Who could hold political office in early office?

In early Rome, only patricians could hold political office.

What is a political office?

The definition of a political office is the name given to a government office that is obtained by an election. Local, state, and federal government have political offices. Mayors, Senators, and the President hold political offices.

What is the difference between a refugee and an asylum seeker?

An asylum seeker is seeking political asylum because he would otherwise be arrested in his country for speaking out or trying to get independence for his people. A refugee is someone who is trying to leave a war torn land like Somalia or Afghanistan.

Why is it the rich are the only ones who can run for political office?

You don't have to be rich to run for political office.