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a loose dress over normal clothing, djellaba a head piece that's loose with a hood, kafatan its like a djellaba but without the hood

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Q: What is traditional Moroccan attire?
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What is traditional attire?

Traditional attire is the traditional clothing for a specified group of people.

What type of food is harira?

Harira is a traditional Algerian and Moroccan soup.

What do Hondurans wear?

Typically, Hondurans wear clothing just like in the USA. However, there are special occasions where traditional attire is worn. Like in this picture: people in traditional attire are doing a traditional Honduran dance.

What does a Moroccan riad look like?

It is a traditional Moroccan palace or house where there is a garden inside. It may look like an open air living room. The architecture takes an important part in the riad look, because it represents the Moroccan and Islamic culture.

Where men an women are required by law to wear traditional attire?

in colleges ,working place,and temple

What to do in rabat?

Various styles of traditional Moroccan music still flourish in Rabat. You can also visit the Old City and the archaeological museum.

Where can you rent a Moroccan dress in London?

the moroccan clothes store if not there try the moroccan dress store

What has the author Carol Fillips McCreary written?

Carol Fillips McCreary has written: 'The traditional Moroccan loom' -- subject(s): Hand weaving, Handlooms

What is traditional Russian attire?

Russia is so large and is inhabited by so many culturally and ethnically diverse people that there is no single answer to your question.

What is the name of a Indian hat?

One type of traditional Indian hat is called a "pagdi" or "safa." These hats are typically worn on special occasions or as part of traditional attire in certain regions of India.

Where can one get a Moroccan lantern?

One can get a Moroccan lantern online from several stores. Some of these stores are Amazon, Moroccan Decor, Houzz, Moroccan Bazaar, eBay and Maroque UK.

When was The Moroccan Symphony created?

The Moroccan Symphony was created in 2006.