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mecanaries and asians

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Q: What is two types of soldiers that heped the british?
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What are two types of soldiers who helped the British?

i know one is the hessians, and Asians :D

Name two types of soldiers who helped the british?

i came here to get the answer, not answer the question. whats the point of making this lame page??

What prepared the millitia for the arrival of the British soldiers at Lexington?

The minute men prepared the militia for the arrival of the British soldiers by hanging one lantern if the British were coming by land and two if they were coming by sea.

What were the two types of soldiers in d day?

infantry and engineers

Why were the British soldiers accused of murder tried in England and not in the colonies?

This was part of the Intolerable Acts of 1774 and was based on the idea that British soldiers would not get a fair hearing in the colonies where the people were unfairly biased against the British soldiers. It was also a nod to the Boston Massacre trials in 1770 where colonists convicted two British soldiers of manslaughter and the perceived illegitimacy of this trial by British authorities.

What is the name of the two types of Saxon soldiers?

Housecarls were the professional soldiers of the King's personal guard. The fyrd were the part-time soldiers mainly made up of farmers.

What were the two sides of the Boston Massacre argument?

what were the two sides of the Boston massacure argument

What prepared the militia for the arrival of the British soldiers at Lexington?

Two patriots also rode out to warn the militia.

How many British soldiers died at Sartoga?

There were actually two battles of Saratoga in which the British and their German auxiliaries fought the Continental Army. In the two battles the British and Germans lost about 9,000 men who were killed, wounded, captured or deserted.

Have British soldiers been present in the war in Afghanistan?

British soldiers have been present in the war in Afghanistan since 2003. British Prime Minister at the time Tony Blair sent them there and current Prime Minister David Cameron says they'll be home within the next two years.

Who won the Boston Massacre?

There was not a winning and a losing side in the Boston Massacre. Five Colonials died, and the soldiers were tried in civil court. Two were found guilty of manslaughter. But it was not a win nor a defeat. It was just a moment in history.

What were the two sides in the debate over British taxation of the British?

The colonists were being taxed without representation in Parliament, but the British also needed funds for their soldiers to protect the colonists from another Native American rebellion.