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The British captured Savannah Georgia and Agusta

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Q: What two southern ports did the British Capture?
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What ports did the british use to invade the south?

The two ports the British captured a port in Savannah and Charles Town.

The Anaconda Plan to defeat the South involved?

blockading southern ports and cutting the confederacy in two by controlling the mississippi.

Which two patriot leaders escaped capture by the british at Lexington?

The two people that they wanted to capture were Samuel Adams and John Hancock

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What three Southern ports did the North want to control?

The North sought to control all of the strategic Southern ports. Certainly the top three were the ports of New Orleans, Mobile, Alabama and Charleston, South Carolina. Of these the former two were controlled as best they could as privateers had a knack of getting past even tightly controlled ports. Charleston Harbor was never fully controlled by the Union navy despite great efforts to do so.

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Port Bustamante and Kingston Freeport are the two main ports in Kingston.

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What two main ports were located in the middle colonies?

New York and Philadelphia were the two main ports that shipped to all europe.

What two cities in the middle colonies became busy ports?

Two of the most popular ports in the middle colonies were found in New York, and in Delaware. Both colonies played a major part in trade between the New England Colonies, and the Southern Colonies.

Why was the gallipoli campaign undertaken?

Well, the decision to undetake the Gallipoli campaign is in two parts. One, the British wanted to capture the Ottoman Empire's capital, and two, they wanted to secure their trading route with Russia.