What is uneven development?

Updated: 8/18/2023
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Uneven development is the increasing gap in economic conditions between regions in the core and periphery that results from the globalization of the economy.

But I'm not entirely sure what that means.....

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A policy, adopted by government, aimed at redressing within a country. The incentives for a government to tackle regional imbalance include: a desire to alleviate regional unrest, the wish to unite party representatives from poorer, as well as richer regions, a yearning for social justice, the need to check out-migration from disadvantaged regions, and the ambition to use fully the human resources and plant of a declining area.

Measures include: improving the; building new towns to move people away from poor housing stock and to stimulate the construction industry; and providing inducements to new industry to locate in the area in the form of tax incentives, grants and subsidies, and the provision of purpose-built factories.

Recent thinking, however, has argued that disadvantaged regions will be regions of cheap labour which will ultimately attract investment without government intervention or expenditure, and there has been a shift in Britain from assistance at a regional level to assistance to smaller, well-defined units. See,

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Q: What is uneven development?
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