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One issue political parties included the Know-Nothing and the Free-Soil parties.

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Some hot button issues:

  • Obamacare and health care in general
  • Immigration - what to do with the illegals and changes in the immigration laws.
  • more or less spending on defense
  • oil pipeline from Canada
  • federal funding for abortion
  • gay marriage
  • balancing the federal budget
  • more money for welfare programs
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The Know-Nothings argued that immigration to the United states

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what did the people of the political parties disagree on

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one was federalist and one was not

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Q: What issues did the people at the political parties disagree in?
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What mistakes did political parties or people make in dealing with historical political issues and what could have been done differently?

What are the two major parties in the US today?

Groups of people who hold similar opinions on how government should function and on governmental policies and issues?

political parties

What role of political parties does the passage most clearly illustrate?

Informing people about issues and motivating them to take action.

What advantages do political parties have?

They allow for people to more easily select candidates for office by having a platform on specific issues.

What is the causes of political parties growth?

As America grew and became more complex, people were starting to attach themselves to parties that represented their beliefs and ideas. Political parties like the Greenbacks formed and grew because when different issues started to pop up, the people relied on them so that their voices could be heard.

How do political parties connects the people and the government?

Political parties are the principle means by which the will of the people is made known to the government.

How do political parties connect to the people and the government?

Political parties are the principle means by which the will of the people is made known to the government.

Why are political parties good?

Political parties can provide organized platforms for people with similar political beliefs to work together to achieve common goals. They help simplify complex issues by presenting voters with clear choices and options. Parties also promote accountability and transparency by providing a structure for candidates to be held responsible for their actions and policies.

How do people chose political parties?

They Like their political views on things

Attitude of the American people toward political parties?

The attitude of the American people toward political parties is seen in the strong feelings an d loyalty they have in their respective parties. The two main political divides in America are Republicans and Democrats.

Why do you have political parties?

Political Parties a gruop of people organized to influenced government through winning elections and setting public policy.

How did the federalist republican parties form and on what issues did they disagree?

They formed because in Congress and in the nation at large, similar differences existed. So later on, two distinct political parties formed.DISAGREEMENTS ON ISSUES:Federalist- stood for a strong federal gov.distrusted Francepub. office should be held by honest and educated men of property who would protect the rights of all the nation's people.Republican Parties- wanted to limit the gov. powersstrong fed. gov. would endanger people's libertiessupported the French