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The symbol of life is lightness and the symbol of death is darkness.

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a flower is life a cascet is death

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You are no longer alive

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Q: What items or symbols can be used to represent Life or Death?
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What Christian symbols represent new life?

the swastika

What is the meaning of a skull ring during halloween?

Skulls are powerful symbols at Halloween time. They represent the remnants of life. They are also seen as a psychic seat of humans. However, it can also represent death.

There were 3 symbols in Tuck Everlasting the wheel the sun and the toad What did each of them represent?

the wheel represents life and death, the sun idk , the toad freedom

What is the Egyptian symbol for death?

The Egyptians used symbols called hieroglyphics to communicate. The symbols represented things like life, death, love, or any other aspect of their life they needed to represent to communicate. The best way to learn the symbols Egyptians used and the meaning would be in a book about hieroglyphs.

What do St. Peter's badge symbols mean?

Examples of St. Peter's badge includes keys, boat, rooster, inverted cross, or fish. The symbols each represent a part of Peter's life, from his fishing days to his death.

What sybolizes enernal life?

In various cultures and religions, symbols like the ouroboros (a snake eating its tail), the infinity symbol (∞), and the phoenix (a bird that rises from its ashes) are often used to represent eternal life or immortality. These symbols suggest cycles of rebirth, continuity, and the idea of life transcending death.

What symbols of life after death?

you could use:St Peter's gatesA Phoenix with flamesa waterfalla suna crucifixa dove with an olive branchand just a triangle to represent the trinity that will be with you all the time

What are some items to represent Clara barton's life?

a red cross

What are the cosmic ordering symbols?

Cosmic ordering symbols are visual representations used to help manifest desires through the law of attraction. They can be personal symbols, sacred geometry, or images that represent the desired outcome. By focusing on these symbols, individuals aim to attract their desires into their lives.

The Hindus' symbol Aum what does it represent?

It symbolizes the three stages of life: Birth, life, death.

What does color represent in 'Masque of the Red Death'?

The colors in "The Masque of the Red Death" represent the seven stages of life. Blue, Purple, Green, Orange, White, Violet, and Black. These are the colors in order for which the stages of life go in.

What are Anubis protection symbols?

Anubis has several symbols, the was- sceptre (power), the flail (protection), the Imiut fetish (embalming/death), as well as the Ankh (eternal life).