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Sojourner Truth was a slave. She had 5 children and her real name was Isabella Baumfree. In 1827 the slaves of New Youk were emancipated, but Isabella had all ready run away with her youngest child. While working for another family she found out that another child was sold, but because he had been emancipated under NY law she sued the court for his freedom and won. She joined a religious commune and in the 1850's took the name of Sojourner Truth and was popular speaker against slavery and about women's suffrage. During the civil war she raised money and supplies for the black troops and met Lincoln . After the war she continued speaking, joined another religious commune, and in 1875 died in Battle Creek, Michigan.

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Q: What job did Sojourner Truth have?
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I think its Malalai Joya or Sojourner Truth.Her name wasn't Sojourner Truth but she called it that name.

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