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A fat baby turkey eats cabbage in a teacup A fat baby turkey eats cabbage in a teacup

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Q: What judicial circuit does macon fall under?
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What branch of govornment does prison fall under?


Does the Justice Department fall under the Judicial Branch?

No. It is a part of the Executive Branch.

What are the 3 major cities in the fall line?

Macon, Augusta, and Columbus

Does the us district court in new york state fall under the judicial branch?


What is the city located on Georgia's fall line?

Columbus, Macon, Milledgeville, and Augusta are all found on the fall line.

What branch does a judge fall on?


What is the historical importance of the fall line?

The fall line is as fall as ships could go so that is where the three major cities on the fall line are: Macon, Augusta and Columbus.

Which Federal Circuit Court does Nevada fall under?

Nevada is part of the Ninth Circuit. Cases tried in the US District Court for the District of Nevada may be appealed to the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

What are some of the fall line cities in Georgia?

In Georgia, the cities of Columbus, Macon, Milledgeville and Augusta developed where inland river shipping was stopped by falls or rapids at the Fall Line.

Is the district attorney executive branch or judicial branch?

State laws fall under the jurisdiction of the judicial branch of government. If a law is thought to be unconstitutional or unjust it is reviewed in the highest court ,the supreme court.

What branch decides cases between citizens of different states?

All levels of courts fall within the judicial branch.

Who is the court system of the country?

The court system of a country is known as the "judicial branch."