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They owned very expensive weapons and they had more then enough food, clothing, and supplies.

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Q: What kind of expensive things did the British soldiers have during the Revolutionary War?
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What is the derogatory term for British soldiers of the 17th century?

During the Revolutionary War the Americans nicknamed the British soldiers 'red-coats'.

What Advantages British have during Revolutionary War?

The British were well-equipped soldiers and had a large, powerful navy.

What were Regulars during the American Revolution?

Regulars were British soldiers in the American Revolutionary War.

What did the Americans call the hired British soldiers during the revolutionary war?

If you mean the German soldiers that the British hired, that would be the Hessians. If you're talking about the actual British soldiers, that would be redcoats.

German mercenaries hired by the british to fight during the American revolutionary war?

Hessian (soldiers)

Nickname given British soldiers during Revolutionary War bright uniforms?

Red Coats.

How many American Soldiers in Revolutionary War?

There were approximately 25,000 American soldiers that died in the American Revolution. The British lost around 20,000 soldiers during the war.

Did The British employ French soldiers to assist them during the early battles of the Revolutionary War?

no,they had their own captains for it.

What does this picture tell you about how the British soldiers responded to the colonists who protested during revolutionary times?

They wore red coats...

Which was an advantage of the british during the revolutionary war?

The British were better trained in their army

What were the soldiers called during the revolutionary war?

Americans: Continental Army, Patriots, or rebels British: British Navy, lobster backs, or red coats

Did the british get helped by the germasns in the Revolutionary War?

Which revolutionary war? Germany did not exist as a country during either the American revolution or the British revolution. However during the American revolutionary war, the Brits often hired Hessian mercenaries, who were professional soldiers from a land that would later become part of Germany.