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it started with an A i call them A.A

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Q: What kind of hominid was Lucy?
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How do you know that Lucy the hominid is a female?

Lucy is female because who has the name lucy

Where was Lucy the hominid born?


What year did the hominid Lucy live?

1500 bc

Who found the hominid called Lucy?

Donald Johanson

What is the nickname of the hominid found by American Donald Johanson?

The answer is lucy

Did Lucy the cavewoman Actually exist?

Lucy is the name given to the fossilised remains of an early hominid. The remains exist.

What is the most famous fossill?

Probably Lucy, the hominid, or Sue, the T-Rex.

How tall is the hominid Lucy?

lucy the homind was 3 feet tall. thats small huh but hominid were very small back then they lived 4 millon years ago believe it or not but she was very small so she was 3feet tall

What is the nickname of the hominid's skull discovered by Donald Johnson?

Professor Donald Johnson discovered the 3.18 million year old hominid skeleton that people nicknamed "Lucy".

Is Lucy white?

The skin colour does not fossilize so we can't be sure, but as most modern species of hominid have dark skins, presumably Lucy was the same.

The Skeleton of the hominid nicknamed Lucy gave anthropologists evidence that?

Upright walking evolved after large brains

What is the first hominids name?

the first group was Australopithecus Afarensis but the first hominid found from their group was Lucy.