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Scroll Paintings.

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Q: What kind of painting was the most important during China's Golden Age?
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What type of painting was the most important during the China's golden year?

Scroll Paintings

Chinas major item of trade during its golden age?

China has exported several major trade items during it's "golden age" of trade to the west that is the 18th and 19th Centuries (1700-1900 AD). The two most important were Tea and pottery products.

What is an achievement that developed during the golden age of the gupta empire?

~Universities ~Literature ~Painting ~Sculpture ~Mathematics ~Roads

What is an achievements that developed during the golden age of the Gupta empire?

~Universities ~Literature ~Painting ~Sculpture ~Mathematics ~Roads

What important contributions were made during India's golden age?

When the golden age has been removed from the reunion of life.

What is an example of an achievemnt that was made during the golden age of the gupta empire?

The main achievements of the Gupta Empire were in the fields of war and art. Art included their sculpture, painting, literature and architecture.

What was the most important form of literature during the golden age of Greece?


What type of paintings was the most important during china golden age?

=landscape paintings.=

Most important form of Literature during the Golden Age of Greece?

Drama, histories, and philosophy.

How did Chinas Golden Age lead to increased trade?

Answer this question… A. China's military ruled the empire during the Golden Age, and military leaders forced other countries into trade agreements. B. China had a weak government during its Golden Age, which forced its people to rely on trade to obtain food and other goods. C. China came into contact with many new cultures during its Golden Age and expanded its trade network. D. China had a policy during its Golden Age by which any man could become a merchant, and many took advantage of this policy.

When did North Africa enter a golden age during which the region became an important center of learning?

after the Arab conquest

Architecture during the Golden Age?

how did architecture change during the golden age