What lakes border Canada?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In addition to four of the five Great Lakes, lakes through which the International Border runs include Lake of the Woods, Rainy Lake, Lake St Clair, and approximately 40 smaller lakes in the Quetico area.

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Q: What lakes border Canada?
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What border of the US do you find the great lakes?

The border that the Great Lakes are found across is that with Canada, our northern border.

What countries border the Great Lakes?

Canada and the United States border the Great Lakes.

What grate lakes border Canada?

The border between Canada and the U.S. runs through all of the Great Lakes except Lake Michigan.

Which group of lakes share the border with Canada and the U.S.?

The Great Lakes

Which groups of lakes share a border with Canada and the U.S?

the western border

What 2 countries share the Great Lakes?

Canada and the United States are the only two countries to border the five Great Lakes. They are situated on the border between the two nations, though some are further in one country than the other.

What feature makes up the border with Canada?

The Great Lakes are part of the border between the USA and Canada.

Which do the countries do the Great Lake border?

The Great Lakes Border U.S.A And Canada

What are the fabled waterways that border Canada?

The Great Lakes

What two great lakes do not border Canada?

The premise of the question is incorrect. Only one of the Great Lakes does not contain part of the Canada-U.S. border. That is Lake Michigan.

What group of lakes forms part of the border between the us and Canada?

Great Lakes

How many of the great lakes border Kannada?

There are no Great Lakes that border Karnataka. The Great Lakes are located in North America, while Karnataka is a state in southern India.