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The US shares borders with Canada and Mexico.

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Canada and Mexico

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Canada and Mexico border the USA.

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Russia (borders Alaska)

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Q: What countries neighbor the US?
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Which countries are US neighbor?

Canada and Mexico are neighboring countries of the United States.

The good neighbor policy was adopted to improve relations between the US and?

latin American countries

Which Policy was aimed at allowing Latin American countries to govern themselves without US intervention?

the Good Neighbor Policy

What are Sweden's neighbor countries?


What is FYRMacedonias relationship with the countries that border it?


What countries are Uruguay's neighbor?

Brasil and Argentina

What countries neighbor losotho?

South Africa.

How many countries does Germany neighbor?


Did fdrs good neighbor policy relate more closely to imperialism or isolationism?

Definitely isolationism. The good neighbor policy intended to make relations between the U.S.A. and Latin American countries stronger by removing troops from those Latin American countries and fostering in an era of cooperation between the US and Latin American countries.

What is the closest southern neighbor for most of the US?

Mexico is the closest southern neighbor for most of the US.

What countries north neighbor is Rio Grande?


What countries are El Salvadors neighbor?

Honduras and Guatemala.