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right against exploitation

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Q: What law protects freedoms of individuals and groups?
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Which law restricted the freedoms of individuals?

the twelve tables

Safeguards of individual civil liberties?

The Bill of Rights protects individuals liberties. The first amendment protects freedom of speech and religion. The second amendment gives individuals the right to own firearms if they choose to.

What are freedoms protected by a government's law?

Amendments are freedoms protected by law.

Are extremist groups illegal?

Nothing in any founding document protects them and they are groups that cause problems. However, they are not illegal until there is a law that specifically says they are outlawed.

Is the 5 freedoms the law?

yes it is a law

Which branch of government has the power to judge the guilt or innocence of individuals or groups accused of breaking the law?

judicial branch

How does the court system protect and enchance individuals freedoms?

apparently the court system protects rights and freedom. How? There are laws. Laws protect us from being killed and our rights being taken away. If we break the law the court systems put he/her on trail. The trail sees if him/her is either Innocent or guilty, sometimes it's a trail to see what will happen or as-en what are the consequences.

What is the best description if a corporation?

A corporation is a business organization charter by law that produces a product or service and sells shares to individuals or groups.

Who protects the law?

The law is put in place for all to abide, it protects us a s citizens and protect our rights. If you do not live by the law you will pay the penalty.

What legal mechanism protects the owners of intellectual property from having their work copied by others?

Copyright law protects authors, and patent law protects inventors.

Are the first amendment freedoms limited by rule of law?


Who protects us from thieves?

The police and law enforcement protects us from thieves and can arrest them