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  • The districts must be equally populated
  • District lines must be contiguous or connected
  • Redistricting cannot dilute minority voting strength
  • District lines cannot be drawn solely on the basis of race
  • Districts must be compact
  • Communities of interest must be protected
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Q: What limits did the US Supreme Court place on Congressional redistricting?
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Was redistricting after a census declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1964?

Redistricting was not declared unconstitutional in the 1963 case Gray v. Sanders. It was after that.

What are the landmark us supreme court cases on redistricting?

Baker v. Carr (redistricting is a justiciable issue) Westbury v. Sanders (one man, one vote) Shaw v. Reno (race can't be only consideration in redistricting)

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No the Congress can not nullify a ruling of the Supreme Court. The Congress would have to rewrite the law which the Supreme Court had declared unconstitutional. Then the new law could overrule the Supreme Court IF the new law was declared constitutional if/when appealed.

What Determined the constitutionality of presidential and congressional measures?

The supreme court. It is under the judicial branch of government!(:

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