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a new type of metal to make nails stronger and more dauable and usage of oak wood to help sail because it floats good

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compass or astoble

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Q: What made sea travel possable in 1492?
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What inventions made sea travel possible in 1492?

The invention of the Portuguese ship, the caravel, made travel across the open tropical ocean and against the wind possible in 1492.

What landforms made travel easy in ancient Greece?

The sea made travel easy.

What did Columbus find in 1492?

Christopher Columbus crossed the Atlantic Ocean on his travel from Spain Christopher Columbus is a explorer

What year did Columbus sail across the sea?

in 1492

Who sailed across the sea in 1492?

Christopher Columbus sailed across the sea in 1492.

What is the name of the man who sailed across the sea in 1492?

Christopher Columbus remember this:In 1492, Columbussailed the ocean blue.

What did Ferdinand and Isabella do?

Ferdinand and Isabella funded sea voyages that made Spain very wealthy. The most famous voyage they supported was that of Christopher Columbus in 1492 to find a route to Asia from Europe. Their goal was to get rid of the Muslims is Spain which they accomplished in 1492.

Is it possable that you may never get a guy?

Nope I am a guy and i thought that to then i had couple girls wanting me theres more fish in the sea

Who explored the Caribbean and the west indies in the 1492?

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.In 1493, he sailed the deep blue sea.

What made it possible for the Greeks and Romans to travel?

On land, good roads made travel possible as never before. On sea, knowledge of the weather conditions and shipping lanes was a factor.

What inventions made travel by sea easier?

Well the Raft is a start... Lifeboats and Life-Preservers

What is sea transportation?

Travel by sea.