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The Senate elects two members from every state no matter the population. The House of Representatives elects members based on population.

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Q: What members of the congress elected from a state depends on the population?
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What is the represented by members of congress?

The people that elected them to Congress.

How is U.S. Congress different from the U.K. Parliament?

all of the members of the u.s congress are directly elected by the people

The Members of congress are chosen by?

The houses of congress are elected by the people of their states.

Does the president appoint the members of congress?

No. The members of the US Congress are elected by the people in the district which the Congressman represents. The senators are elected by their states.

How are members of congress elected?

by your state or districts vote

How are the members of representatives elected?

Members of the U.S. House of Representatives are directly elected by the population.

Where are members of the house elected from?

Members of the house are elected from their individual congressional districts which are allotted by population.

Are members elected or appointed for supreme court?

The U.S. Supreme Court members are not elected by the people. They are nominated by the President and voted on by the Congress.

Are members of congress elected to represent the people of their state?

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What is true about the makeup of congress?

They are elected representatives of the people.

Members of the executive branch of Arizona government are elected for how many terms?

Each member of congress is elected by the people of his/her state. Each member of congress is elected by the people of his/her state.

A person a member or Congress has been elected to represent?

Members of Congress have been elected to represent their constituents, or people living in the district that has elected them.