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Q: What method of execution was invented during the American Revolution?
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What was the machine that was invented to mercifully execute people during the french revolution?

The execution machine invented during the French Revolution is the guillotine.

What was chief means of execution during the French Revolution?


Who invented the airplane during the Industrial Revolution?

The Wright brothers invented the airplane during the Industrial Revolution.

What was the name of the execution device used during the french revolution?

A Guillotine

What are 5 things invented during the American Revolution?

Chicken Sticks Fries Vienersnitchel Pie And Frosty The Snowman

What car was invented during the American Industrial Revolution?

The 19th century Industrial Revolution in America happened between 1820-1870. No cars were invented during this time period. During the Technological Revolution of the early 20th century Henry Ford invented the Quadricycle in 1896 and in 1908 the Model T which put America on wheels. Ransom Olds and others invented cars but they were very expensive.

Were cars made during the Industrial Revolution?

Yes cars were made during the industrial revolution. The first car was made around 1886 By Karl Benz, who invented Mercedes Benz

During the American Revolution what were the colonists doing?

During the american revolution the colonists regulated trade and taxes since the American Revolution was precipitated.

Robespierre's execution during the French Revolution marked the end of?

The Reign of Terror

What cities served as centers of execution during french revolution?

Lyon and Nantes

What is role does a pulley and play in ranchi revolution?

The role of the Pulley in Ranchi revolution was to torture victims during their execution.

What was invented during the French Revolution?

The Guillotine was invented during the french revolution, i know coz i doing the french revolution at school now! :) >) HOPE IT HELPS!!