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Q: American winter camp during the American revolution?
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What is vally forge?

That was where Washington's army stayed during the winter of 1777. This was a critical point in the Revolution, as moral was low due to the bad conditions. Valley Forge was a military camp of the American Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.

What is valli?

Valley Gorge was a military site located in Pennsylvania. During the American Revolution, it was a military camp for the American Continental Army.

What was the name of George Washington's winter camp?

I'm going to assume you are talking about the winter encampment of the American Continental Army during the winter of 1777-1778 at Valley Forge.

American winter camp?

Valley Forge

Words that have to do with the american revolution?

Valley Forge, Pennsylvania was the site of the American Continental Army camp during the winter of 1777-1778. James Varnum was a General in the Continental Army. The naval Battle of Valcour Bay took place on October 11, 1776, on Lake Champlain.

Why was Valley Forge important during the American revolution?

Valley Forge was the camp the George Washington's men spent the worst winter of the war at. It's importance was negative for the colonists, with disease, starvation and frostbite plaguing the ill-equipped troops.

Where did the Lewis and Clark expedition stay during the second winter?

In a Indian Camp

What Fort did the Corps of Discovery stay at during the first winter?

Camp Dubois.

Camp Douglas prison camp?

Camp Douglas, Chicago, was a Union prison camp for Confederate captives during the American civil war.

What was it like for a Japanese-American person living in an internment camp when she or he was first located there give at least 4 reasons or ideas to support your description?

Cold and windy during the winter...and hot and dusty during the summer...with armed wasn't really a was prison....ask someone that was there and they will tell you.....

How many months did Lewis and Clark spend near the Indian camp during the 1st winter?

They reached the territory of the Mandan people,in what is now North Dakota.They camp there for the winter.

Why has Valley Forge remained an important symbol of the American Revolution?

Valley Forge is likely to remain an important symbol of the American Revolution indefinitely because it was at that winter camp where the Continental Army was converted from an amateur assemblage of fighters into a reasonably professional and organized army. The manual of arms that is the basis of the current Army Manual was written there and first put to use there.