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The Declaration of Independence resembled a writ of assistance.

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Q: What modern document resembles a writ of assistance?
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What legal document is similar to a present day search warrant?

Writ of Assistance

What legal document permitting searches?

house search is the answer

What legal document is similar to present day search warrant?

writ of assistance

How do you use the word writ of assistance in a sentence?

The writ of assistance was a legal document that allowed British officials to search private property without a warrant during colonial times.

What is the Writ of assistance?

The Writ Of Assistance Was When boston soldiers killed a lot of people so the government did the writ of assistance to stop all this killing.

What are writ assistance?

was a law

Only mere BLANK was needed in the writ of assistance?

Only mere suspicion was needed in the writ of assistance. It granted British officials broad authority to search any location for contraband goods without obtaining a warrant.

How did the Writ of Assistance anger the colonists?

because the writes of assistance don't like colonist

What does writ of assistance mean?

why were colonists angry about British officers using writs of assistance?

Why was the Writ of Assistance created?

This was a general search warrant issued by the British government that gave customs agents the right to search any building or ship in the colonies for smuggled goods.In current usage:In criminal law - A writ of assistance is a court order to a law enforcement officer to enforce a prior order of the court.In civil law - In bankruptcy law, a writ of assistance is an order directing that a party convey, deliver, or turn over a deed, document, or right of ownership.

In order to do their work the house and senate must have?

they have to have a writ of assistance

What did a British officer present to search a house?

A writ of assistance