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the month when a president is sworn into the office is january!

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In the US, it is in January. Other countries, other months.

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They are sworn in in January (on the 20th), but if the presidency is vacated due to death, resignation or removal from office, the Vice President is sworn in as President immediately.

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January 20

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Q: What month are the US presidents sworn in in?
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On what date are all presidents sworn in on month and day?

20th day of January

Which US president was sworn into office out of the US?

Lyndon Johnson was sworn in office on Air Force One, but I do not know of any presidents sworn in out of the U.S.

After Barack Obama is sworn into office how many presidents will the us have had in total?

Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th US President.

Where are us presidents sworn into office?

During a normal inauguration, the President is sworn in on the steps of the Capitol in Washington, DC.

In what month is the US Presidential sworn in?


Did US Presidents swear in on March 4?

Senator Obama will be sworn in on January 20 2009

What is the Presidents inauguration month?

The next Inauguration Day will be January 20, 2009. hat is the day when the new president is sworn in.

How many presidents have you had?

around 200ishThere have been 44 Presidents that have been sworn in.

Month when us presidents take office?

Jan. 20

What month has the most us presidents been born?


What hand do presidents use to be sworn in?

left left

Why are presidents inaugurated?

Because they have to be sworn in . same with the vice president.