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He earned by liberating south American countries

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Two of Simon Bolivar's nicknames were the George Washington of South America and El Libertador.

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Not George Washington. Abraham Lincoln

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He was called "El Librator" and "George Washington of South America"

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Q: What name was given to Simon bolivar?
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The ''George Washington of south America'' is another name for?

Simon bolivar Simon bolivar

How did the monetary unit bolivar get its name?

that name comes from Venezuela's liberator Simon Bolivar.

Is Simon Bolivar single?

No, Simon Bolivar is not single.

When did Bolivia get its name?

Bolivia was named for Simon Bolivar

What is the name of a Latin America hero?

Simon Bolivar

The George Washington of South America was?

Simon Bolivar Simon bolivar was the George Washington of the south Simón Bolívar is known as the "George Washington" of South America.

What has made Simon Bolivar popular?

Simon Bolivar was a political and military leader in Venezuela and former President of Colombia. His complete name is Simon Jose Antonio de la Santisima Trinidad Bolivar y Palacios y Blanco.

When is Simon Bolivar's birthday?

Simon Bolivar was born on July 24, 1783

What was Simon bolivars native country?

Simon Bolivar's native country was Venezuela.Simon Bolivar's native country was Venezuela.

Where did Bolivia get its name from?

After Simon Bolivar "the liberator." Quick note however, the real liberator of Bolivia was a Potosian farmer? that had liberated the country some time before Bolivar arrived. Bolivar is credited with the liberation however.

What does Simon bolivar es de Venezuela mean?

It means: Simon Bolivar is from Venezuela.

What was Simon Bolivar's nickname?

Simon Bolivar was known as "The Liberator" for freeing six South American countries from Spanish rule.