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Montesquieu argued that the best government would be one in which power was balanced among three groups of officials. He thought England - which divided power between the king (who enforced laws), Parliament (which made laws), and the judges of the English courts (who interpreted laws) - was a good model of this.

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Separation of Powers

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Q: What nation did baron de montesquieu believe had the best government?
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What did Baron de Montesquieu believe about government's power?

baron de montesquieu believe that government can protect their natural rights....

Whose political theory of government is represented by the US Presidency Congress and the Supreme Court?

These three branches are examples of Baron de Montesquieu's theory of government.

What enlightenment philosopher first popularized the concept of separation of powers among government branches?

Baron Montesquieu

What revolution was baron de montesquieu apart of?

I believe it was the French Revolution.

The idea of seperate branches of government came from?

baron de montesquieu

Who was the french writer who declared that powers of government?

Baron de Montesquieu

Who came up with the three braches of government?

Baron de Montesquieu

What is Baron De Montesquieu country of origin?

Baron de Montesquieu was from France. He was a French philosopher and political thinker known for his theories on the separation of powers in government.

French nobleman who advocated separation of powers in government autor of on the spirit of laws?


How did baron de montesquieu influence the government?

He created the three branches of government - Judicial, Legislative, Executive.

What political philosopher wrote about the division of power within a government?

Baron de Montesquieu

Which thinker introduced the idea of separation of powers of effective government?

Baron de montesquieu