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I'm thinking it would be Singapore. There were a lot of Japanese people sent there to work and it is known as a socialist state. If not then I would say Japan.

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Q: What nation was once regarded as the socialist state that works?
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Which painter's Socialist politics influenced his works?

Gustave Courbet .

What is a communist country like today?

Bourgeoisie ( American, European ) democratic version: A country in which the means of production and the means of consumption are tightly controlled by the government. It is ruled by a communist, workers or socialist party. The political leadership makes sure they rule supreme. People are not allowed to say what they want. Any criticism of the communist government can led to arrest and long time jail. To get good jobs in a communist state, you must become a party member! If you are loyal and patriotic, you can get higher in the bureaucracy and maybe become a high-member of the communist party politburo.Pro-Stalinist ( Russian ) version: A country in which capitalism has been destroyed by the workers under the leadership of a communist, workers or socialist party. These nations are socialist republics united under the great ideal of Marxism-Leninism. The bourgeoisie and right-wing forces are banned, because they want to impose the dictatorship of big money. A people's republic gives free healthcare and free education to all its people.Anti-Stalinist ( Anarchist, Trotskist ) version: A country which claims to be a republic of the people's, but in reality is more likely a bureaucratic dictatorship. Communism cannot be build in one nation. A communist society is anti-state and anti-government. A genuine socialist nation needs democracy and workers self management. The means of production and the means of consumption are not to be controlled by a bureaucratic state, but by workers councils. Win out freedom of speech, you cannot have a socialist state and a future communist society.Chinese, Vietnamese and Laos version: A country which is independent of foreign rule. All the peoples are united in a patriotic front, controlling by a communist, workers or socialist party. A modern socialist republic has a socialist market economy, were the private sector works semi independent under the leadership of the government. Making much money and turning you socialist nation into a wealthy state, is the highest goal of patriotic workers.

What were HG Wells' political beliefs?

H.G. Wells identified as a socialist throughout his life. He believed in the redistribution of wealth, collective ownership of resources, and equal opportunities for all. Wells wrote about his socialist views in works such as "The Outline of History" and "The Shape of Things to Come."

What is the value of a lorcin 22?

$50ish used if it works. They are not highly regarded.

Which type of economic system is more useful for the people of democratic nation?

Depends. If you mean the average person, a socialist/communist system works best If you are talking about which will give you the best ability to excel, become innovative and improve your lot in life and become rich, Capitilism is the best way to go. A capatilist system with socialist and left leaning tendencies works best for everyone, since it protects lower classes while allowing for people to improve their lot in life.

What kind of economic system does a socialist country gave?


What is the full form of SUCI?

The full form of SUCI is Socialist Unity Centre of India. It is a political party in India that follows socialist ideology and works towards advocating for the rights and welfare of the working class and marginalized sections of society.

Who outlined Socialist theory?

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels are credited with outlining Socialist theory in the mid-19th century through works like the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital. Their writings laid the foundation for modern Socialist thinking and movements.

If an employee lives in one state and works in another which state shows wages for reporting?

the state he works in .

Which famous socialist believed that the unemployed should be given jobs through government-sponsored public works programs?

Louis Blanc

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Arturo R. Luz is the Philippine's highest regarded artist. His works are elegant, modern linear works that won several awards such as the National Artist Award in 1997.

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John Byabagambi is the Minister of State for Works for Uganda.