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#36 (counting Cleveland twice)

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Q: What number president was lydon baines johnsson?
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What was president Johnson's whole name?

Lydon Baines Johnson

Was Lydon Baines Johnson in the Illuminati?

Lyndon Baines Johnson, former president of the United States, was not a member of the Illuminati.

Who was the presindent when mather Luther king was assinated?

Lydon Baines Johnson; President Nov. 1963 to Jan. 1969.

What is lydon b johnsons middle name?


When was Lydon baines Johnson born?

27 August 1908

Was president Johnson killed in office?

President Lyndon Baines Johnson died of a massive heart attack on January 22, 1973.

Which president became president while on an airplane?

Lydon B. Johnson

Is lydon b johnsons wife related to Amanda baines?

1. LBJ's mom had the last name Baines, hence his middle name. His wife's maiden name was Taylor. 2. You are thinking of Amanda Bynes. 3. No, his wife is not related to her.

What did lydon b Johnson do before becoming president?

He signed the civil rights agreement

What US president liked to barbecue steaks on the roof of the White House?

Lydon B Johnson

Who were the president's in the 60?

Dwight Eisenhower ,John F Kennedy , Lydon Johnson , Richard Nixon

What is the birth name of Jimmy Lydon?

Jimmy Lydon's birth name is James J. Lydon.