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The colors of the Italian flag are green, white, and red.

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First, Green, white and then red

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Q: What order do the colors go on the Italian flag?
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How do the colors go on an Italian?

An Italian... what, exactly? I'll assume Italian flag - that would be Green-White-Red.

What order do the colors go in the Irish flag?

From left to right, they are: green, white, and orange.

What order do the colors of the German flag go in?

From top to bottom: black, red, gold.

What order do the french colors go?

If you mean the colours on the French flag then the order goes blue white then red

What are the three colors of the Italian flag?

duh!ok just to start of im neydin and i have a boy friend his name is sonny.and im in love so don't judge me!ok now the question,just think of it as the Mexican flag without the eagle.that gives the conclusion that the Italian flag's colors are green,white and red!finally, to finish this off, i wnna give a sout out to my bestiesVictoria,Mittzy,Diana,and Elisa. they are the best because they are silly funny and crazy!well, there u go folks. now go do your homework or do something!

Why does the Italian flag the way it does?

The Italian flag consists of green, white, and red stripes, which are inspired by the French flag. These colors were chosen during the Italian unification in the 19th century to represent different aspects: green symbolizes hope, white represents faith and red stands for charity.

What order does the french flags colors go?

Hi,The order that the french flag colours go are*BLUE**WHITE**RED*They each are 1/3 of the flag, (rectangle) each...I hope that this answer does help!!Thanks & I hope that I can help again!!!!!! :-)

What does the colors in the roman flag represent?

The color's on the Roman flag is Red and yellow. On one side there is Red and on the Other side there is orange.Note: If you want to see a picture of the flag go to the google sitedo you have any questions?? Email me

What order do the colors of the Irish flag go in?

Green, White and Orange arranged left to right in three vertical bands of equal width.

What colors are on the rwandan flag?

Blue, yellow and greenTo see the Rwandan flag go here;

Which flag has orange and green bars running along the hoist?

the flag of Ireland in order the colors go green(for Ireland) white(for catholic) and orange(for pagan) green = catholics/nationalists white = peace orange = protestant/unionist

What three colors are on the the Rwandan flag?

Blue, yellow and greenTo see the Rwandan flag go here;